Gordon Hudson

Charity and Voluntary Sector leader. Passionate about making the world a better place.


Current Position (Summer 2018)

After over seven years as Manager of Eco-Congregation Scotland, I am leaving to pursue new career opportunities. During my time running the organisation it has doubled in size, increased it’s income four fold and become established as one of the leading environmental organisations in Scotland.

Previous experience

You can find out more about my experience here or download my CV here.

Seeking future opportunities

I am interested in working for a charity, social enterprise or other organisation. This includes difficult causes and new organisations just starting out. I also have considerable experience in the environmental sector in Scotland and have been an active campaigner on these issues in my previous role. I would also consider working in the private sector if the role interested me.

Voluntary sector interests

  • Health (including mental health)
  • Humanitarian causes (either in the UK or overseas)
  • Arts organisations
  • Environmental causes

Private sector interests

  • Internet industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport industry
  • SME’s
  • Business start ups

If you would like to discuss anything please contact me.