Gordon Hudson Charity Consultant

Charity Consultant and Fundraising Consultant located in Edinburgh, Scotland.


My full CV can be downloaded here (PDF file).

I also maintain a well organised profile on LinkedIn which you can find here: Gordon Hudson

Businesses I have held positions with

Hostroute.com Ltd (Managing Director)
Ultraspeed UK Ltd (Marketing Director)

Voluntary sector organisations I have held positions with

Eco-Congregation Scotland (Manager)
Waverley Care Trust (Fundraising Manager)
Scottish Conservation Projects Trust – now BTCV (Fundraising and Marketing Director)
Vetaid (Fundraising and Marketing Manager)
Fairbridge in Scotland (Fundraising Research Assistant then Regional Development Manager)
The Moredun Foundation (Fundraising and Marketing Manager)
RNIB (Regional Fundraiser)
Eric Liddell Centre (Fundraiser)

My qualifications

LTh Degree from Edinburgh University (Theology).
HND in Communication studies (Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising).
Common Purpose – Graduate (2012)

Professional memberships