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Charity Consultant and Fundraising Consultant located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Why use a Charity Consultant? #charitytuesday

A lot of smaller organisations worry about hiring a charity consultant, but using a consultant makes sense for a number of reasons:


Paying a daily rate for a consultant may sound expensive, but when the alternative is hiring a senior manager then a charity consultant can be more cost effective.

A senior employee on a salary of even £35,000 per year costs at least £40,750 in their first year, for 226 working days. That’s £180 per day, plus office costs, equipment costs and expenses.

Salaries for senior managers, or heads fundraising and communication, are higher than this. Hiring a charity consultant for a few days a year is considerably cheaper.


Recruiting a staff member will take several months. Time that could be used to start making a difference to your charity. You also can’t guarantee to get good applicants and if you advertise it as a short term contract you will probably get fewer suitable candidates. A charity consultant can be engaged within a few days and start working straight away.


As a consultant I have no existing relationships with your staff. I do not need to build long lasting relationships either, so I can be truly independent. I can also say things to your board that might be difficult if I were an employee. These are some of the practical reasons businesses and local authorities find using consultants beneficial.


By hiring a charity consultant you can access expertise with greater certainty than when hiring an employee. For example, I have thirty years experience of working in the voluntary sector and I am a member of the Institute of Fundraising and ACOSVO.

Access to a wider network of expertise

I work closely with experts in related fields like copywriters, designers, web developers and IT experts. I am also skilled in procurement so when we determine the way forward for your charity you will be able to do this in a more cost effective way.


You can hire me for a day, a week, two days a week for a month, one day a month for a year, or whatever arrangement you want. You can end this at any time with no redundancy or other costs.

Hire me today

It all starts with a free one hour consultation, which can be in person or by video conference – call me today.

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